The Rivers Panacea.NET system is the culmination of more than 25 years of experience with the medical community. Using the latest technology we have created a product that has set the standard for practice management software solutions. Our development team has carefully crafted this next generation product by leveraging their intimate knowledge of hardware and software systems and building upon an already robust and trusted set of business rules in order to bring an end to the pain of practice management. From multiple EHR offerings and a variety of electronic patient communications options leveraging email, text, and automated voice messaging to advanced insurance claim processing, feature-rich business analysis tools, and much more, we routinely set the pace for the competition.

Panacea was conceived by capturing the essence of its predecessor, the Rivers Account Management System product, which provided a strong foundation for this next generation software suite. The primary goal was to preserve all of the capabilities our customers have come to depend upon in the AMS product and build upon them to increase overall functionality. The result is a product that is more than the sum of its parts, offering more power than ever before to practices both large and small. Panacea was designed for the Windows® family of operating systems and works in a networked client-server environment. The scalable architecture and centralized control structure make managing even the largest chain of independent locations as easy as managing a single doctor practice.



DMS Advantage

The Rivers DMS Advantage software package is a powerful tool for managing the complex requirements associated with wholesale distribution. From robust business reporting and EDI capabilities to advanced billing functions and inventory control, this package is flexible enough to overcome whatever challenges you may face in today's economic environment.

The system has been designed to make customer account handling easier than ever before. Just some of the major features this powerhouse software suite provides include advanced customer pricing capabilities and billing features, drop-ship processing direct to your clients and their customers, automatic EDI integration, and a comprehensive set of business reporting tools that streamline the management process and make analyzing areas like inventory usage a breeze to handle. Our sales and support teams will work closely with your IT staff to determine your specific needs. RCS then integrates and fine-tunes the software to ensure your complete satisfaction. In addition, we also offer custom programming resources for businesses whose needs fall outside of the mainstream.

Aside from our top tier software products, the most valuable aspect of a Rivers solution is our ability to provide a greater level of support and customization than our competition. Our prompt and friendly service makes RCS a single solution provider with all the resources to meet the needs of the most demanding business situations. Contact us today for a demonstration of what DMS Advantage can do to enhance your bottom line.



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